List of States and Territories of the United States

If you are trying to understand America or write about it or even just to learn about the names of its different states, this is a helpful blog. It’s a list of the states and territories of the United States.

For most people, their respective states present an image of pride, of belonging, and of family. The United States is comprised of 50 different states, each with a history, culture, and identity of their own, regardless of the shared values we all share. While the United States is a country made up of many states, it is also a federation of territories, which includes the District of Columbia. It has 5 major territories, and various minor islands.

List of States of USA

Federal district of the United States

Federal district Federal district Capital Population Established
District of Columbia Washington 689,545 Jul 16, 1790

Inhabited territories of the United States

Inhabited territories of the United States Capital Acquired Territorial status Population
 American Samoa Pago Pago 1900 Unincorporated, unorganized[F] 49,710
 Guam Hagåtña 1899 Unincorporated, organized 153,836
 Northern Mariana Islands Saipan 1986 Unincorporated, organized[G] 47,329
 Puerto Rico San Juan 1899 Unincorporated, organized[G] 3,285,874
 U.S. Virgin Islands Charlotte Amalie 1917 Unincorporated, organized 87,146

Territories of the United States with no indigenous population

Uninhabited territories Acquired Territorial status
Baker Island 1856 Unincorporated; unorganized
Howland Island 1858 Unincorporated, unorganized
Jarvis Island 1856 Unincorporated, unorganized
Johnston Atoll 1859 Unincorporated, unorganized
Kingman Reef 1860 Unincorporated, unorganized
Midway Atoll 1867 Unincorporated, unorganized
Navassa Island 1858 Unincorporated, unorganized
Palmyra Atoll 1898 Incorporated, unorganized
Wake Island 1899 Unincorporated, unorganized

Disputed territories-Territories claimed but not administered by the United States

Disputed territories Claimed Territorial status Administered by] Also claimed by
Bajo Nuevo Bank (Petrel Island) 1869 Unincorporated, unorganized(disputed sovereignty)  Colombia  Jamaica,  Nicaragua
Serranilla Bank 1880 Unincorporated, unorganized(disputed sovereignty)  Colombia  Honduras,  Nicaragua

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