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Top 20+ Social Media Apps In 2022

Everybody knows the current situation of the world, even kids also. Social media becomes a part of human being although love it or heat it. When Covid 19 forces humans indoors then people understand and realize the benefits of social media and how important. Now Social media is really important for both business owners or marketers and customers alike.

When people were fully locked in their own houses for more than that one year, in this time people were spending their own time more and more on mobile. Some mobile apps have been becoming successful in terms of internet marketing than other mobile apps. In this pandemic situation, marketers understand that mobile social apps are the best way to market their offerings.

Top Social Media Apps, Trending, and Rising Stars in 2022

we are diving into the social media apps list and trying to see which apps are becoming more popular and successful in terms of social media marketing and also try to find which apps are most widely used all over the world.


Now more than 2.8 billion monthly active users of Facebook. With a large number of users, Facebook becomes a very crucial part of every brand or business. Many features are available on Facebook and these features have given business owners or entrepreneurs a smart way to connect with their potential and existing customers.


After Facebook, Instagram is another one of the best sensational social networking apps in 2021. Now Instagram has monthly 1.07 billion active users. Instagram becomes more popular with the business and brand for the unique features that allow users to share photos and videos.


One social media app which has captivated hearts is Snapchat. The idea is not only good for the young generation but also it is one of the smart and unique features. In Snapchat users can send a message via picture or short video which automatically disappears after a few seconds.


Tiktok is the most trending and downloaded social media app in 2018 for sharing music videos that beat Instagram, Facebook, and other famous social media apps. Tiktok provides a great opportunity for marketers to reach a younger audience around the world, in a good creative, and playful environment.


Twitter is a real-time public microblogging network and tweets have a super short lifespan with 745 million monthly active users and 500 million tweets sent every day. When you think about achieving your marketing goal, Twitter is a powerful social media marketing tool. Marketers make their marketing strategy based on Twitter marketing.


First, Youtube is a social media app and along it is also counted as the best video streaming apps. Second, youtube also is the second largest search engine after Google. When marketers think about video marketing, there is no second option than youtube.


Pinterest has worked hard to create a friendly environment for brands with rich product pins, shopping features, and interesting ads. Plus, it’s easy to earn organic reach and traffic through Pinterest if you’ll create engaging content.


Beep is a new social app and it launches this year and it also beats the one-day download record all over the world. Beep is a growing trend of social media apps that allow users to send short voice messages called Beeps. On the other hand, these Beeps can also be sent to other friends and shared openly with the world or posted on other social media like Facebook.


Telegram shines as a safer alternative to WhatsApp. The electronic messaging social media app perpetually improves its options for complete pages too, providing feeds and cluster capabilities. Plus, you’ll transfer massive files and cash in of different tools not found on different apps


Meetup is the growing social media app in 2021. Some people Meetup can use to make new friends, some are used to participate in their social skills and some are used for social engagement over local groups and events. On the other marketers also use this app for their marketing purpose. Meetup app is free to join for iPhone and Android but when you want to build a group of your own, then you need to pay some amount for this.


Reddit is a big online forum featuring aggregated content, news, and conversations that are based on people’s interests. Reddit allows users to submit content such as links, text posts, and images, Similar to other social media. The main difference between Reddit with other social media is that Reddit is based around communities (subreddits) rather than people. The other feature of Reddit is that you can express yourself to other friends anonymously which makes it a friendlier environment and easy to use without any confusion.


Linkedin is one of the best professional social media apps all over the world. Love it or heat it, LinkedIn is the best app for promoting themselves and their business. An entrepreneur or business owner can increase their business engagement while connecting with other professionals. The Linkedin apps also count for searching for a job.


WhatsApp becomes a crucial part of social media apps because it already exceeds a lot of social media apps. All over the 180 countries, people use this app and the monthly active users of WhatsApp are more than 2 billion. The most attractive feature of WhatsApp is that user groups, encrypted messages, stories and feeds design make it different from others.


Tumblr is one of the best widely use social media apps of micro-blogging for sharing images, text, links, videos acceptably. For customizing blog share and versatile blog content, the young generation widely uses it.


Similar to other social media apps, Viber is also a social media app which allows users to share text messages, photos, video, and gift. Viber is the fastest and secure free-of-cost social media apps with 1 billion users all over the world. Users can easily make high-quality crystal-clear phone calls and are also able to make secret messages.


Medium is the world’s best content platform which is founded by Ev Williams and Jason Goldman, both are founders of Twitter and you can find this reflected in some aspects of the platform. Both users and brands use the medium to express their thought, leadership ideas, and anything they feel. So, Medium helps to optimize posts and draw traffic to your websites.


Quora is one of the best collections of Q&A for any subject. People use Quora for asking anything and get relevant answers from the community. This app allows users to feel free to ask anything and also users can post their knowledge on various subjects. People do not use it for any promotional content.


The QQ app was developed in 1999 and it is Tencent’s instant messaging platform. One feature which makes it unique from others that is the user can capture their own screen in any area and they also make a short video and share this video with their communities.


The line app adds some extra features to the social media apps. Line app allows users to use multipurpose services like share, text message, playing games, ticket book, shopping, payment transfer, and etc. In Japan, Line is one of the most popular apps also in another area in Asia. The line helps marketers to make strong brand credibility, promotions, and traffic to the business websites.


In 2021, If thinking of downloading any new social media app that will be Qzone. In this app, users can keep or write diaries, listen to music, make blogs, send photos and watch videos. Now Qzone users all over the world are more than 700 million.

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