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Top 25 Jewelry Brands in the World

When it comes to fashion, jewelry is one of the essential accessories. From necklaces and earrings to rings and bracelets, having the right pieces can make an outfit stand out. With so many jewelry brands on the market today, deciding which ones are worth investing in can take time.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top 25 jewelry brands in the World. This list has something for everyone, from high-end luxury labels to budget-friendly options. Keep reading to find out which jewelry brands cut!

1. Maroth Jewels

Maroth Jewels is an up-and-coming designer jewelry brand that has recently become popular in the global jewelry market. The brand was founded in India in 2020 by a team of passionate and creative artisans and designers.

The brand offers a wide range of exquisitely crafted pieces, including rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces,carabiner lock jewelry, bracelets, etc. Maroth jewels use high-quality materials such as gold, silver, and precious stones to create beautiful pieces. The brand also pays close attention to details and offers a variety of styles and designs that cater to different tastes and preferences.

Maroth jewels have been making waves in the jewelry industry with its unique designs and dedication to quality. The brand is well known for its innovative designs, use of quality materials, and stylish aesthetic.

2. Bvlgari

Bvlgari is an Italian luxury jewelry brand founded in 1884. It is one of the oldest jewelry brands in the World and has become a popular choice for many. Bvlgari has a unique and eye-catching design, which has made it a must-have for many celebrities and royalty around the World.

They specialize in diamonds, gemstones, watches, and creating statement pieces for their clients. The iconic Bvlgari serpentine motif and the iconic Greek key pattern are seen in many pieces. They also offer custom designs that allow their clients to create something unique.

From wedding bands to necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other fine jewelry, Bvlgari provides timeless, luxurious, and stylish pieces.

3. Piaget

Piaget is a luxury jewelry and watches brand founded in Switzerland in 1874. Known for their exquisite craftsmanship, Piaget is recognized as one of the World’s most sought-after names in jewelry and watchmaking. The company’s iconic designs feature intricate details and distinct elegance. From its classic lines to its timeless designs, Piaget has become a symbol of opulence, sophistication, and luxury. With its exquisite pieces and impeccable quality, Piaget is the perfect choice for anyone looking for the best in fine jewelry and watches.

4. Asprey

Asprey is a British jewelry and luxury goods brand that has been in business since 1781. They are known for their high-quality, timeless designs and use only the finest materials to craft their pieces. Asprey is based in London and has stores in Tokyo, New York, and several other cities around the World.

Their range of jewelry includes classic pieces such as diamond rings, pendants, and earrings, as well as contemporary pieces featuring a variety of precious stones and metals. The brand also produces leather goods, watches, silverware, and home accessories.

5. Boucheron

Boucheron is a luxury French jewelry house that has been crafting exquisite pieces since its founding in 1858. From the iconic quatre ring to its signature sapphire watches, Boucheron creates pieces of fine jewelry that will stand the test of time.

With a commitment to quality and craftsmanship, the brand has earned a reputation for creating timeless designs that will be treasured for generations. With over 160 years of experience and expertise, Boucheron has become a leader in the luxury jewelry industry, committed to creating stunning pieces that are perfect for any occasion.

6. Chaumet

Chaumet is a renowned French jewelry brand established in 1780 by Marie-Etienne Nitot. With a history of over 200 years, Chaumet is a brand that values both traditional craftsmanship and modern design.

The brand is known for its unique designs, which combine innovation with classic elegance. The intricate details of Chaumet’s collections are eye-catching, and each piece is made with quality materials such as gold, diamonds, and precious stones.

7. Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is one of the most prestigious luxury watch and jewelry brands in the World. Founded in 1839, Patek Philippe has produced stunning timepieces for over 180 years. It’s also well known for its high-end, intricately designed jewelry pieces that feature luxurious gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires.

8. Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet is one of the oldest and most respected luxury jewelry brands in the World. Founded in 1875, Audemars Piguet is known for its superior craftsmanship and precision timepieces.

The company is based in Switzerland and is renowned for its innovative designs, luxurious materials, and intricate detailing. Audemars Piguet watches are highly sought after by collectors and are often seen on the wrists of celebrities, royalty, and other high-profile personalities.

9. Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin is a Swiss luxury watchmaker and one of the World’s oldest luxury jewelry brands, founded in 1755. Vacheron Constantin is renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and the exceptional quality of its watches.

The brand is known for its classic designs, which feature intricate detailing and timeless elegance. Vacheron Constantin also offers a wide range of jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings.

The brand has remained at the forefront of jewelry design for over two centuries and continues to be recognized as one of the World’s premier jewelry brands.

10. Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels is a world-renowned jewelry brand with a history that dates back over 100 years. Founded in 1906 by Alfred Van Cleef and his uncle Salomon Arpels, the company specializes in fine jewelry, watches, bridal pieces, and accessories. Van Cleef & Arpels is known for its distinctive design, attention to detail, and use of high-quality materials.

They are renowned for their iconic collections, such as the Mystery Set, Alhambra, and Perlée. Van Cleef & Arpels has stores all over the World, and its pieces can be found in some of the most prestigious jewelry retailers.

11. Bulgari

Bulgari is one of the World’s most iconic jewelry brands. Established in Rome, Italy, in 1884, Bulgari has become synonymous with luxury and style. The brand has stores in major cities around the World and offers a wide variety of products, including watches, fragrances, and jewelry.

Its high-end pieces are often crafted from precious stones such as diamonds and rubies and are typically highly ornate and bold. Bulgari’s jewelry collections are some of the most sought-after in the World and range from classic designs to bolder, more modern pieces.

12. Chopard

Chopard is a Swiss luxury watch and jewelry manufacturer founded by Louis-Ulysse Chopard in 1860.

The company has become renowned for its signature timepieces and exquisite fine jewelry pieces featuring a range of materials, including diamonds, gold, silver, and pearls.

Chopard’s designs are known for their unique blend of modernity and tradition, drawing inspiration from classic motifs such as roses, bows, and stars.

13.  David Yurman

Since its launch in 1983, David Yurman has become one of the most iconic jewelry brands in the World. Founded by American sculptor David Yurman and his wife, Sybil Yurman, the company is renowned for its exquisite designs and high-quality craftsmanship.

Each piece from David Yurman is a unique work of art featuring luxurious materials like gold, sterling silver, and precious gems.

14. Mikimoto

Mikimoto is one of the most renowned and prestigious luxury jewelry brands in the World. Founded in 1893 by Kokichi Mikimoto, a Japanese entrepreneur, the brand quickly gained recognition for its unique approach to pearl cultivation.

Mikimoto’s innovative process paved the way for modern pearl farming and was the catalyst for revolutionizing the entire pearling industry. As a result, Mikimoto’s pearls are some of the finest and most sought-after in the World.

15. Verdura

Verdura is a high-end jewelry brand that has been creating exquisite jewelry since 1939. Founded by Sicilian jeweler Duke Fulco di Verdura, this company is renowned for its innovative designs and use of precious stones and metals.

Verdura has a long history of designing unique pieces for some of the World’s most famous figures, including Coco Chanel, Marlene Dietrich, and Gary Cooper. The company’s signature style combines the classic with the contemporary to create timeless pieces of luxury jewelry.

16. H. Stern

  1. Stern is a world-renowned jewelry brand creating beautiful pieces for over 75 years. Founded in 1945 by the Brazilian immigrant Hans Stern, the company has become one of the most respected names in the business.
  2. Stern’s designs are characterized by exquisite craftsmanship, quality materials, and their commitment to sustainability. The brand is known for its iconic gemstone pieces, such as its diamond “star” rings.

17. Fred Leighton

Fred Leighton is a leading jewelry brand with a history of over 150 years. Founded in London in 1885 by founder Fred Leighton, the brand has a long and distinguished heritage in creating the finest jewelry pieces.

With an emphasis on luxury and timeless design, Fred Leighton is renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and designs. Fred Leighton provides something for everyone with a wide range of collections that feature both vintage and contemporary pieces.

18. Pomellato

One of the top 25 jewelry brands in the World is the iconic Italian jewelry house, Pomellato. Founded in 1967 by Pino Rabolini, this Milanese house has become a leader in colored gems, combining classic Italian craftsmanship with bold innovation.

Their signature designs feature bold, modern shapes and colorful precious stones like rubellite and aquamarine.

19. Faberge

Faberge is one of the most renowned jewelry brands in the World. Founded in 1842 by Carl Faberge in St. Petersburg, Russia, it symbolizes beauty and luxury. Its signature pieces are the world-famous Faberge eggs, crafted for centuries as precious gifts for royalty and aristocrats.

The company’s intricate, handcrafted pieces are crafted using precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum and adorned with colorful stones and enamels.

20. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is one of the most iconic and recognizable luxury jewelry brands in the World. Founded in Paris in 1854, Louis Vuitton is known for its high-end handbags, luggage, accessories, and, of course, its stunning jewelry collections.

The brand’s signature motif, the iconic monogram, has been adorning pieces since its inception and continues to be a symbol of quality and style. Louis Vuitton jewelry is crafted with the most significant attention to detail, using only the finest materials, such as gold, diamonds, and precious gems.

21. Buccellati

Buccellati is one of the top 25 jewelry brands in the World. Established in Milan in 1919 by Mario Buccellati, the family business has grown into a global success.

The brand’s signature style is distinguished by meticulous craftsmanship and intricate gold, diamond, and precious stones designs. Each piece is handcrafted using traditional Italian goldsmithing techniques and innovative technologies.

22. Hermes

Hermes is a leading luxury French fashion house and jewelry brand known for its exquisite, timeless pieces. Founded in 1837 by Thierry Hermes, the company has become one of the most iconic names in the World of luxury jewelry and fashion.

From classic, sophisticated lines to daring, modern designs, Hermes jewelry showcases artistry and craftsmanship that have made them one of the most coveted brands in the World. The House of Hermes has been at the forefront of innovation since its inception.

23.  IWC Schaffhausen

IWC Schaffhausen is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer with a long history of creating fine timepieces. Established in 1868, IWC has produced watches of the highest quality and precision.

Their commitment to craftsmanship and innovation has made them one of the top jewelry brands in the World.

24. Jaeger-LeCoultre

Jaeger-LeCoultre is one of the World’s premier luxury watch and jewelry brands. Founded in 1833, it has been the choice of many dignitaries, celebrities, and royals around the World. The watches are renowned for their quality and craftsmanship, combining traditional watchmaking with modern technology to create unique pieces.

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s range includes sporty pieces and more traditional and classic designs. Its iconic Reverso watch is a favorite among fans of Jaeger-LeCoultre and has been popular since its launch in 1931.

25. TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer is a luxury Swiss watchmaker and jewelry brand founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer. It has been an industry leader in producing innovative and stylish timepieces since its inception.

The company’s watches are renowned for their precision, reliability, and style. TAG Heuer is one of the World’s most recognizable watch brands, with its iconic logo often seen on the wrists of celebrities. Its collection features a wide range of watches, from classic dress watches to sporty chronographs.


Jewelry is a timeless accessory that has been worn throughout the ages. It adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to any outfit, making it an essential part of many people’s wardrobes. With so many different brands, deciding which pieces are worth investing in can be challenging.

To help you make a decision, we have compiled a list of the top 25 jewelry brands in the World. We hope you will love it. From classic and timeless to modern and innovative, these brands have something for everyone.

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