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Samsung Service Center in Gold Coast, Australia

Are you looking for Samsung Mobile Service Center Gold Coast(Gold Coast is a metropolitan region south of Brisbane on Australia’s east coast.)? to repair your smartphone, you are at the right place.

Mobile phones are commonly used in Gold Coast and major companies like Samsung launched mobile service centers near your cities and towns like Gold Coast that offer the best after-sales services. Samsung mobile service centers in Gold Coast build a good relationship with their customers by fulfilling their needs. Problems of purchased mobile phones and accessories are done in a very short time and without a hassle.

I hope you will find a good Samsung Mobile Service Center in Gold Coast for repair your smartphone.

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List of Samsung Mobile Authorised Service Centre in Gold Coast

Harvey Norman Bundall

  • Address 29-45 Ashmore Rd, 4217
  • Operating Hours IM DROP OFF
    Mon: 10AM – 4PM
    Tues – Fri: 9AM – 5:30PM
    Sat: 9AM – 5PM
    Sun: 10AM – 4PM
  • Phone: (07) 5584 3111
Handling Products
  • Smart Phones
  • Tablets
  • Wearables
  • Accessories
  • Feature Phones
  • Galaxy Cameras
  • Wireless Charger Stand

Please note, Some service locations do not have technicians available on-site to complete repairs and your device may be sent away. Our friendly team will assist you with the booking process.


  • Address 2A, 83 SCARBOROUGH STREET, 4215
  • Operating HoursMon-Fri 10am – 5 pm
    Sat 10am-2pm
  • 07 5503 1309
  • Handling Products
    • Smart Phones
    • Tablets
    • Wearables
    • Accessories
    • Feature Phones
    • Galaxy Cameras
    • Wireless Charger Stand


  • Operating Hours Mon, Tues: 9am – 5:30pm
    Wed: 10am – 4pm
    Thurs: 10am – 7pm
    Fri: 9am – 5:30pm
    Sat: 9am – 5pm
    Sun: 10am – 4pm
  • 1300 362 603, (07) 3741 5932
  • Handling Products
    • Smart Phones
    • Tablets
    • Wearables

What is a Samsung Service Center?

The Samsung Service Center(SSC) is a Samsung official service to help users if they are facing any challenges regarding Samsung products, They have an offline location in almost every city around the world.

What does the Samsung Service Center serve?

At Samsung service center, they provide all kinds of assistance to users, including repair of the product, replacement, and more, They have a timeline to resolve the issues depending on products.

Why visit Samsung Service Center in Gold Coast

There are many authorized Samsung service centers in Gold Coast that repair the products with the original parts. These service centers in Gold Coast appoint talented and well-trained professionals and that is why they offer the best customer service. They handle the product safely as Samsung mobile service centers are reliable and provide the best offers for its customers so they are fully satisfied.

As mobile technology is enhancing day by day and smartphones are used more commonly. Sometimes while mishandling the device the touch is damaged or the screen gets damaged. These common problems are corrected by the mobile service center experts in Gold Coast and also they solve the issues by replacing them with another screen or repairing the screen. These service centers in Gold Coast provide solutions for other problems too.

Things to do before handing your Phone For Repairs

Before handling the device to the technician in the service center in Gold Coast there are some important points which you should take care of. Below are the things you should do before handing over your phone for repairs.

1- Create Full Back Up

Data is naturally the most important thing in your device. Our mobile phones have our account details, confidential or important e-mails, and messages, photos, videos, contact information, and other documents, etc. Thus it is very important to have the backup of all such important data. By doing this you avoid the risk of losing the data during the repair process. Your contacts can be synced to Google accounts, calendar to Google Calendar, and same way photos too; other data can be uploaded to Google Drive or take backup to an external storage or hard disk.

2- Remove Your SIM Card

Your SIM card should never get into the wrong hands by mistake, so you should remove it from your mobile phone. Although, Samsung mobile service centers near you ask themselves the customers to remove the SIM card and other confidential data to avoid any loss. But then also make it a habit before handing the mobile phone over to the experts.

3- Remove Security Locks

You always secure your smartphone with a PIN, pattern lock, or fingerprint authentication; this has to be disabled before handling it in the service center near you. This will allow the experts to check the status of the phone after the issue is fixed.

4- Remove External Storage

When you are removing your SIM card also remove the micro-SD card from your mobile phone. This is done because most of your media files would be stored on this card, so you should keep it safe. It is always recommended to remove the external storage/memory card from your smartphone. There might be some sensitive data in your external storage and if it gets lost or damaged accidentally, then you will have to lose all your data.

5- Note Your IMEI

For avoiding any risk of accidental misplacing of your device, it is good to note down your IMEI number. IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique fifteen-digit serial number printed on a phone. So, if by mistake your mobile phone is handed over to someone else owning the same brand, model, and color then you can identify your smartphone with your IMEI number. By this, you get your phone back easily. If you cannot locate the IMEI number you can dial *#06# on the dial pad, this will show the IMEI number on the screen.

6- Perform a Factory Reset

You should also reset your phone. By doing this you can protect your data from getting stolen or lost and will be carefree. However, remember to take them back up of all your data before resetting the phone.

7- Remove Google Account and Disable Factory Reset Protection

Never forget to remove all your accounts and disable the Factory Reset Protection. You can disable it if you have removed all your Google accounts from your smartphone.

8- Go to Samsung Service Center in Gold Coast

Once everything is done, you are ready to give your mobile phone to the Samsung service center in Gold Coast for repair. These service centers in Gold Coast have reputable and certified technicians who fully understand the safety requirements and are aware of how to handle the situation. If you hand over your phone to someone who does not have the requisite skills, you are putting your device at risk.

9- Inform About All Issues

Once you have reached the Samsung service center in Gold Coast tell them about all the issues occurring in your device such as if you have dropped your phone, the camera can get damaged or there can be liquid damage along with the screen damage. So be sure that you inform all about the damage and issues accurately to the technician as this helps the technician to fix all the issues and you get your phone back without any faults.

Cost or Charges of Repairing in Samsung Service Center in Gold Coast

The most common problem of a phone is a damaged screen, and luckily that is covered on Care+; though not

Samsung provides a discount on a screen repair; however, those screen replacements can sometimes cost a good amount if you don’t have Care+; especially if you are using Galaxy S21 Ultra with a curved display.

Samsung service center in Gold Coast covers accidental damage like spilled water on your mobile phone. Samsung replaces or fixes it for you. Now as the Samsung service center near you is fixing your phone, they will be using official Samsung parts and not third-party parts. That is done by some third parties to cut down on costs and maximize their profits.

You also get replacement phones pretty quickly, so you don’t have to wait long to get your phone fixed. Samsung Care is more than worth the peace of mind; especially if you just have purchased a new mobile smartphone. So, get yourself some insurance on your investment.

What to do if the phone is Out of warranty

If your phone is out of warranty and your device is damaged; here’s how to get it fixed.

The damage to your phone is not covered by the Samsung service center in Gold Coast such as water damage if it is out of warranty. Any service plan coverage that you have added has expired such as device protection from the Google Store or Samsung from the Google Store. Then get your phone fixed depending on the region where you bought your phone, there are 2 ways:

Visit a local Samsung repair center near you by finding the nearest authorized center with your device, or Post your phone (mail-in) for repair and it will be returned to you once it is fixed.

Advantages of Mobile Service at Samsung Service Center

  • Your product is on Safe hand
  • You get original parts and official warranty depending on product.
  • Reasonable price as compare to market
  • Service will be Great!

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