Best Indian Chat Apps for Android

10 Best Chat Apps for Android

The highly digitized world today is all about the internet. The world gradually yet is steering clear of SMS and MMS as the default method of texting people. A few years back, it all began with applications like the AOL Instant Messenger and, since then has evolved into a plethora of choices, all of which work extremely well.

The evolution kicked in during the past few years, particularly with the Android platform. These days, Android app development also means creating app solutions that simplify communication.

USA continues to excel in the various field these days, and technology is no different. The demand for an Android app development company in USA  is surging and it’s one of the most preferred among business organizations worldwide.

Some of the best chatting apps in the world today are developed by USA . There are so many great apps that you use on a day-to-day basis, without realizing they all are made in USA .

Let’s check them out.

Best Chat Apps for Android

1. WhatsApp

One of the best USA messaging chat application for Android. It has components, such as a read alert, voice calling highlight, capacity for PDF sharing, messages encryption, songs, pictures, and recorded audio clips. It’s anything but difficult, satisfies all the basic components needed in a messaging app, and expends less information.

Over 200 million USA users are using it. It started as an Instant Messenger app for sharing pictures, messages, and videos. Over time it has evolved, and now offers video calling and voice features, similar to other providers of telecommunication service.

2. JioChat

This app is the best choice if you’re a Jio user. It has some great features as well as high-speed sharing capability compared to some other online chat applications. The great thing about is it that it’s available in different languages.

Now, you could send texts, audios, and videos with Jio chat. Aside from this, all this also keeps you connected to the news, movies, and sports. The app is proudly!

You could experience voice calls, video conferencing, and enhanced messaging with emoticons and stickers. It’s a completely free chat application on your Android smartphones.

3. Messenger

Another very popular Android chatting app is Messenger offered by Facebook. The chatting app makes it possible to chat with anyone even without becoming friends on Facebook to secure one’s privacy.

Moreover, it offers some other benefits, including video and audio calling, together with the facility of hosting group audio and video chat. You can be together anytime, anywhere with Messenger, a free, all-in-one communication app.

4. Skype

Was among the first chatting applications that emerged and owned by Microsoft. It comes with facilities such as audio and video chat, and text messaging. Considered as one of the finest apps ever designed for both mobiles and computers, it has become an indispensable part of business communication.

Worldwide, over ten million people are using it. It keeps the world talking, enabling you to make calls on mobile phones, or even on landlines. Furthermore, Skype could also be used for sending messages to mobiles all over the world, and with SMS Connect, you could read and reply to the SMS messages on your phone straight from your computer.

5. Line

A terrific chatting app that helps communicate to as much as 200 people in one setting. As an app for Android, it has become very popular, and thus, Android app development services today also entails downloading the app. Line has got some cool features such as the Poll feature, which could be helpful for you and your family and friends to choose a perfect spot to hang out or dine.

It furthermore updates you on the latest news, movies, and sports. With the app, you can also make audio and video calls. Line reshapes communication all over the world, letting you enjoy not just messaging, but free video and voice call as well, wherever you may be. Download it now and discover why it’s popular globally and number one in ranking in fifty-two countries.

6. Telegram

If you require a reliable and fast chatting app, then Telegram could be your best bet. It enables users to make groups with a large number of members. The app also helps you share big files and for some particular tasks, as well as lets you set up bots too.

It functions even on very inferior mobile connections and is considered the most reliable sharing messages platform. It’s a new era of messaging. Fast, simple, secure, and synced across all your mobile devices, it’s one of the best apps for Android made.

7. Hangouts Chat

Owned by Google, the chatting app provides messaging communication and is built for teams. It has a facility of direct messaging to team chat rooms and also provides an integrated platform that makes communication within the team extremely convenient and efficient.

Keep in touch using Hangouts. Start free video or voice calls, message contacts, and join in a conversation with an individual or a group. With the app, you can also include all your contacts with group chats of up to 150 people. With Google Hangouts, you can say more with photos, status messages, emoji, maps, animated GIFs, and stickers.

8. Hike Android App

In USA, there are more than 100 million users of this chat app. It’s available for use in 40 different languages. Furthermore, it also has 20,000 pre-loaded stickers as well as provides live news, cricket scores, and updates on the stock market. The app also comes with Poll features that have reviews about different places, reviewed by users of the app.

It’s a virtual world wherein you could hang out with a friend, or even make new friends. You can have new friends around the content that you love, such as while watching a show or a movie. You can answer quirky fun quirky questions on yourself so that more people would want to connect with you.

9. WeChat

Another good chatting app for those who have no good stable connection. It has no problem working on 2G and 3G networks. The app provides users the facilities of sending instant messages as well as make video and voice calls, together with live video, documents, and pictures sharing.

It’s not just a social media and messaging app, it’s a lifestyle as well for over one billion users around the globe. Make calls and chat with family and friends, use lover services, read news, play fun games, enjoy mobile payment features such as WeChat Pay, and so much more.

10. Viber

Another best chatting application that you could use for exchanging images, text messaging, exchanging videos, as well as making voice and video calls. With more than one billion users throughout the world, it enables the sharing of bigger files between users. The video and audio conferencing have the best video and sound quality.

One of the greatest advantages of the app is that its performance does not depend on the network speed to which the phone is connected to. Viber is a simple, fast, free, and the most secure messaging app that has a video calling feature.


The performance of these Android chatting apps  depends on various factors, including top-notch internet connection, and of course the Android version that you’re using.

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