10 Best Programming Languages

Top 10 Best Programming Languages of 2022

It would be difficult to pinpoint precisely the top 10 programming languages in 2021. After all, IT is a vast field and you have areas such as data and business processes, web development and eCommerce, artificial intelligence, and gaming. Each segment makes use of specific software suites. Then we look at it from a student’s perspective. They want to know about the best trending programming languages to learn in 2021 so that their job prospects improve.  As a business owner you may wish to have a passing acquaintance about software and capability so that when you engage a web development company, for instance, you can query them about the tools they use.


Top 10 programming languages from a student’s perspective

If you are planning for a career in IT then you will need to learn a few programming languages. It requires plenty of time and effort to learn a language and become expert enough to show competence in work. It is best to keep an eye on the future and learn languages that are evolving and being used today. A few are mentioned here in brief:


  1. Javascript: Javascript is a great tool since you can build practical apps and web-based apps and it is also the basis for more targeted platforms such as Angular JS. If you plan to join a web development company or work in this field then learn Javascript. It sits at the top of the heap with a ranking of 67.8%. Javascript skills enjoy high market demand with US job sites posting about 57k jobs at an average salary of $ 114K per annum.


  1. Python: If you are still undecided and would like to consider artificial intelligence and data science in the future then try to become an expert in Python. It integrates with C++, has active community support, a fast-growing trend with a ranking of over 41%, and good demand in the job market with 74000 job postings at an average salary of $ 120K.


  1. C# and C++: The beauty of C is that many programming languages are written in C. Learn C and go on to become proficient in Dotnet technologies and you will never have to worry about a job or when you want to learn other languages. You can work in software development, game development, machine language, mobile apps, and databases once you have competence in C. It ranks 7th in terms of popular technologies but does not underestimate its power. C programmers earn about $ 96000 on average. But the beauty is that you can quickly learn any other program if you are an expert in C.


  1. PHP: For those who intend to work with a web development company the choice of PHP makes life easier. PHP is a dynamic programming language used to develop server side web apps. It is the 8th most popular language in the list of top 10 programming languages in 2021 and expert PHP developers can expect about $ 90K annual salary.


  1. Swift: Swift is rooted in C and the platform of choice for app development on the iOS platform. Learn C and then Swift and you will be looking at jobs as an iOS app developer at an annual salary of $ 125000 per annum.


  1. Rust: In the world of programming you have Java on one side and C on the other with each having specific pros and cons. Rust is open source from Mozilla and it blends the best advantages of C and Java into a nice package particularly useful when you wish to work in Big data tech. Rust ranks at 83.5% for four consecutive years since 2016 as the language of choice for developers. Microsoft, Google, and Amazon are invested in it and you can expect to be gainfully employed if you have Rust skills.


  1. Ruby: Ruby works in tandem with Ruby on Rails or ROR, for full-stack web app development. It is a good skill to have if you wish to work in a web development company in the future. It ranks 11th in the list of popular programming languages in 2021 but we give it precedence because it is also easy to learn and get started with.


  1. Java: You can go the C way or the Java way. Java and its family possess certain advantages such as the write once and run anywhere feature. Java does take years to perfect but it has a set of powerful features and libraries. Though it is losing popularity you can still earn $ 104000 per annum.


  1. Scala: Scala is an improvement over Java and it has more complex features too along with versatility. Learn Java and then proceed to learn Scala. It is used for web app development, mobile apps, software, and game development. You can expect a salary of about $ 117000 per annum.


  1. Kotlin: If you go down the Java way and learn Scala then you should also learn Kotlin, a platform that Google supports and a language whose popularity is growing by the day. IF you contemplate android app development then Kotlin is for you. Kotlin experts can expect about $ 125000 per annum in the USA.


The top 10 languages could change if you plan on learning artificial intelligence and change again when you plan for web development. However, should you wish to retain a web development company then look for expertise in Javascript, HTML, CSS, Angular JS, React, and PHP.

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