Home Cleaning Service Apps IOS

5 Best Home Cleaning Service Apps for iOS

It is an important task to fetch some spare time out of your busy schedule for cleaning your premises. However, there are some applications available now that help seamlessly in getting your home clean and clear.

Cleaning makes your residence beautiful and people visiting your house appreciate the same. A clean home is always better for living for the residents. Not only for the outsiders, but cleaning is extremely essential to do on a regular basis as it keeps your belongings and surfaces last for a longer period. When you appoint a home cleaning company or service, they take care of all your chores. The only thing you have to do in the meantime is to sit back and relax.

Home cleaning companies or services have trained professionals who use modern tools and techniques that are not usually available in a normal house. They reach out on every corner and the odd blocks that are generally left uncleaned. These professionals are committed to their work and clean dirt easily without disturbing any of your precious assets.

In this comprehension, we will be discussing five home cleaning service apps available on iOS to book local experts that can prove as a helping hand for you. Give worth a read to this compilation.

Home Cleaning Service Apps IOS


Handiman is an on-demand home service app that fulfills all your house chores need. With Handiman, you can find local experts and book professionals as well who will work with utmost dedication to clear all your home service needs.

The app follows a three-step process that includes,

• Find an expert
• Post your task
• Review offers for daily home jobs

Handiman offers a wide range of services including Cleaner, Dog sitter, Painting, Electrician, Tradesman, Appliances, Laundry, Plumbing Services, TV Repair and Service, Pest Control, Movers and Packers, Car Wash, Home Security, Gardener, and much more.

One of the best things about Handiman is, it gives you a choice of making payments as per your convenience that we can do either before or after the service is done.

Home Routines

This app is highly recommended for those who want to book regular home cleaning services. You will attain results like after spring cleaning based on the famous zone approach.

The app breaks your home into different zones, and your domestic chores depend on these zones. With this feature, you will forget about spring cleaning at all.

Apart from spring cleaning, there’s a handy task list with a daily routine calendar where you can earn stars by doing household. One more interesting feature of the app includes notifications. With regular notifications, there’s no need to keep everything in mind. The app is available for iOS only.


With Tody, you can easily manage all your household cleaning chores. The app aims to motivate users by turning cleaning into fun. Tody also gives a chance to claim credit for whatever action you make on the app.
Tody has been highly appreciated by the people who have used it so far. The notification feature encourages you throughout the day. Tody is available on both iOS and Android platforms for free.

Cleaning Checklist

As the name suggests, Cleaning Checklist is a house cleaning service app that allows users to organize their cleaning tasks clearly via a checklist. This checklist can be shared with friends and family.

You can divide your services into different rooms in a fuss-free way to keep a track of what things need to be done. The cleaning services offered by Cleaning Checklist include floor cleaning, wiping down services, window and door cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning (including the floor), and much more. The app is available on both iOS and Android formats.


The app focuses on building healthy habits apart from offering housekeeping services. With the Done app, you can learn to clean your kitchen countertops every day you can sort your mail. Habits like these will be taken care of by the Done app to help you keep a clean home each day when you book home services.

You can mention the habit you want to track in the habit tracker and set parameters on how often you wish to complete it. Once all this is done, the app tracks your progress and reminds everything so that you can’t miss anything. You can edit your entries and see them over time so that you can improve.

Time to wrap up: You always have a busy schedule to meet, due to which cleaning your house is something which is often left unaddressed. However, with various home cleaning services offering to book local experts, you don’t have to spare time from your busy schedule, but with few taps, on your smartphone, your next home service is booked easily.

I have managed to mention 5 of the best home service apps available on iOS that could prove to be a great helping hand. In case I have missed any of the popular names, feel free to mention them in the comments section.

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