12 Apps to Make Your Work Life Easier

The best companies identify the issues that are getting in the way of productivity and create more efficient processes and remove all the errors.

The same thing is applicable for individual staff members, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and anyone who cares about making the most of every minute and amount they spend. If you are working solo or as a part of a team, you need to find out right tools to identify and find productivity.

Productivity tools come in various forms and often take a different approach to improve your cash flow. Here are a bunch of apps that solve the problem and make your work life easier.

Business Apps To Make Your Work Life Easier

  • Slack

Slack is a messaging platform developed for teams, and it is the perfect communication tool for remote workers. Immediate messaging is organized into channels where team members can join and leave as required so that nobody receives messages or notifications irrelevant to them. Team members can chat outside the topic creating a separate group that prevents from interfering. Its key features are:

Instant messaging: Seamless collaboration takes place between team members in live communication.

Status: Users can set different statuses like availability, offline, and more to focus on individual tasks as needed.

File sharing: Drag and drop file sharing for PDFs, images, videos, docs, and other common file types.

Voice and video calls: You can directly use voice and video calls within Slack.

Screen sharing: It allows team members to show their work to others in real-time for decisive participation.

Slack provides the free version for remote workers and makes it easy. It allows you to generate a single workplace for small teams. But, the paid versions start from $5.25/month per active user.

Ideally, your business or company will pay for a team version of Slack to provide everyone with a communal workplace. But, the free version of Slack means small teams within a business can use the tool with the employee to improve the workflow.

This collaboration with the office environment improves the workflow; however real benefit of Slack is for remote workers who need to collaborate with team members in other locations.

  • Doodle

As the number of remote workers on your team increases, collaboration is needed, and communication plays an essential role in the excellent mobile app. However, immediate messaging is great if everyone is available; organizing and managing meetings, chats, video calls, and group work sessions at a time that suits everyone can be difficult typically if you got different.

Fortunately, Doodle is a great mobile app got you covered with the communal scheduling app that makes it easy to exhibit meetings with the current email back and forths. It does not matter how large your team is, how many time zones differ, or how many teams your workforce comprises of. Doodle solves all these problems. The key features of Doodle’s as social media are:

Team schedules: Arranging meetings, video calls, audio calls, and collaborative sessions without the email back and forths.

Availability: Team members can set their availability hours which automatically alters the time zones.

Reminders: Setting up the reminders, so that team members are always ready for meetings.

Personal events: You can keep private meetings, tasks, events hide them from team members so that employees only can see what they need.

Users set availability times, which are easily visible by other team members, and meetings can be planned based on everyone’s availability times. Users simply confirm their availability time and attend the meeting. Team members will be notified with automatic reminders so that nothing is missed while attending a meeting.

Another most important feature of Doodle is that it can integrate with calendar apps, but everything will remain exclusive makes life easier. The only thing visible is availability times, and all other things remain private.

  • OutInvoice

OutInvoice is the simple and best invoicing software designed for small businesses and freelancers to create professional invoices. It helps you to get paid faster, and maximize cash flow of your business. It is filled with many advanced features for easy and convenient use. Some of the attractive features of OutInvoice are:

Multiple Members Profile: To manage company invoices on behalf of the company side, you can create a profile for multiple members. It helps to manage invoices, monitor due payment, due date, void, and receipt. It helps to manage the overall business with integration features on your device.

Manage Multiple Businesses: It helps to handle and manage multiple businesses by organizing multi-market accounts. You can monitor the status of all multiple businesses with a single account.

Send Invoices Faster: OutInvoice is the online invoicing software that simply creates and sends invoices faster, which leads to faster payments. It creates invoices automatically and maintains professionalism.

Accept Online Payments: It accepts online payments through various payment options like PayPal, Stripe, and others. It allows your customer to pay directly from the invoice.

Save Credit Card: Your recurring clients do not need to add payment method details and card details for every purchase. It saves the credit card, PayPal, or Stripe information for future transactions.

Keep invoice status in check: Keeping invoice status in check is the tip to improve the cash flow of the company. It helps to generate and send invoices, monitor overdue and receipt with a single click. It manages and tracks the payment of each invoice.

What are you waiting for? Start with a FREE trial Now!

OutInvoice is loaded with the best features suitable for small businesses and freelancers. It helps to make your invoicing easier and efficient.

It offers two subscription plans:

Monthly: It costs $6/month and provides unlimited users and business, no transaction fees, and unlimited invoices.

Yearly: It costs $60 /month and provides unlimited users and business, no transaction fees, and unlimited invoices.

  • Zapier

Zapier is the best simple automation tool that can save tremendous time that is spent on repetitive tasks and switching between the different mobile apps and social media. It sends the data like Trello and Gmail, so emails are automatically sent.

There are thousands of existing automation available on Zapier that help improve and handle recurring tasks, letting them focus on more critical and fruitful tasks. It helps to get things done much faster.

Adding all these automation together and your team is collectively going to save all of the time and helps to do the task faster, and allows us to get things faster. The key features of Zapier are as follows:

Apps Integration: Linking your favorite apps so that you can share data. Switching between the apps is not necessary. Automate tasks: Automate the repetitive tasks between apps.

Zaps: Use the pre-built library of Zapier automation workflows for your favorite apps.

Custom Automation: Build your automation if you do not find Zapier’s library of Zaps.

Zapier is the essential introduction to business automation, but it can impact day-to-day tasks with the automation features.

  • Grammarly

Grammarly is the free chrome plug-in which fixes critical grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors; also it is applicable in other mobile device and social media for the correction purpose. It comes with free, premium, and business plans.

Free: It gives basic writing suggestions. It provides spelling, punctuation, and grammar check facilities without any cost.

Premium: It is best designed for emails and blogs. It runs three plans: monthly, quarterly, and yearly. It got features like style, clarity improvement, and additional advanced corrections. It improves your writing by adding fluency, readability, word choice, plagiarism detection, inclusive language, formality level, and advanced suggestions.

Business: It is created for a business with a team member of 1 to 149. It provides the style guide, admin panel, centralized billing, priority email support, and SAML SSO for accounts with 50+ users.

  • Pocket

How frequently do you come across an article, blog, or video and audio on Facebook, but you do not have time to read it instantly? Pocket allows you to save content from anywhere, and you can read it if you do not have access to data or wifi. Also, you can change font sizes and other formatting issues to make the document more readable and convenient. It has three plans.

Free: Free account allows you to read, save, watch, and listen.

Annual Membership: It costs 44.99/year. It provides saving, watches, and listens to videos and audio, a permanent library of everything you saved, suggested tags, full-text search, unlimited highlights, and premium font services.

Monthly Membership: It costs 4.99/month. It provides with saving, read, watch and listen videos and audio, the permanent library of everything you saved, suggested tags, full-text search, unlimited highlights, and premium fonts services.

  • Microsoft Suite: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Microsoft has been the world’s valuable company, leaving behind Apple. It’s not a surprise as most valuable companies use MS Suite for professional invoices and workplace productivity. The Microsoft App is designed to sync with companies’ flagship software products. With Microsoft Design Suite, you can edit the document on MS Word, Excel and modify presentation data on Powerpoint, all on your mobile phone, mobile app, and social media. It uses cloud-based, making it easier to share the stored data through high-profile services like Drive and Dropbox. The app is free for the basic features and sign to office 365 subscription plan for more advanced features.

  • CamScanner

CamScanner has made life easier; transitioning your smartphone’s camera into a portable scanner is a mobile app. It is available on both Android and iOS if you are a career professional who constantly needs to turn in photos and contracts in JPG and PDF files. Users can both scan and crop files and images through their phone itself in high resolution. It comes with free and advanced subscription plans. CamScanner is the best tip to improve the business.

  • Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud that is used for easy and secure access to all your information and content, which are accessible from any mobile device, tablet, or computer. It is suitable for compiling all of your key documents, files, images, and other valuable assets from one mobile app platform. If you are already on Google Suite, Google drive must be managing your life quite well. With the use of google drive, you can access your important information from anywhere. The cost of storage ranges from free to $9.99 drive file stream. The free version provides a 15GB data storage facility.

Accessible drive files directly from the cloud to your mobile device or PC. Any changes you made on your drive will be synced and updated automatically. So, you are always provided with the latest version. The most attractive features of google drive are:

Shared Drives: Shared Drives provide with search, store, and access their content facilities. Files in a shared drive are linked to the team instead of an individual so that everyone in your team will be accessible to files and use what they need.

Data loss prevention: It prevents people from sharing sensitive content with outside people. Drive scans the files for sensitive content or information and blocks anyone from an external environment from accessing the file.

Offline Access: You can access files, create, view, and edit files in Docs, Sheets, and Slides even if you do not have the internet. Offline accessibilities will automatically be synced when you have an internet connection.

Google Drive comes with different subscription plans.

Individuals: Here, storing, sharing, and accessing your files and folders from any mobile device, tablet, or desktop is done. You will get 15 GB of storage free.

Teams: It helps your team to make secure cloud-based collaboration. It makes it users easy to share on different social media, store, and access files.

Enterprise: For a large business, it is vital to keep their data safe and secured, preventing them from data loss, archiving, and security center.

  • Tick Tick

Tick Tick is a popular to-do list and task manager app that comes with a neat interface. You can append tasks, subtasks, set deadlines, reminders, and even share them with other team members with Tick Tick. The application is drafted to make management tasks neat and organized. Various tasks like tasks, lists, subtasks, priority levels and tags help to manage your business better. Also, it keeps the priorities clear and achieves better results in any case. Its key features are:

  • Organize all regards: Tick Tick helps to do tasks in less time.
  • Solves the task faster and easier
  • It integrates and turns on the email.
  • Prevents from missing the deadlines: It includes invoice time and due date while creating a new task. It sends automatic reminders and makes life more accessible, and prevents helpful weight loss.
  • Keep updated with what to do next: Organize and manage your to-do list and due dates.
  • It helps to focus on your goals.
  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics popular freemium web analytics service is provided by google analytics. It is famous all over the world and used by thousands of companies. Funnel visualization techniques and sums up data on high-level dashboards are provided by google analytics. It helps in every aspect of the business, from budget allocation to market optimization. Also, it includes every aspect of the business’s workflow. Google Analytics provides crucial information to ensure the commercial success of any business. Here the list of what Google Analytics can do are:

Analytics Intelligence: It helps to get faster answers to your business.

Reporting:  It helps to understand how customers are interested in your apps and site and easily share insights across your organization with various reporting tools.

Visualization and Data Analysis: It provides many gateways to access, organize, and visualize the data to best suit your business needs.

  • Data collection and management
  • It helps to manage data in your business.

Additionally, it provides two subscription plans. They are:

For small business: It provides a social media marketing solution for every business. It is designed to work together for better insights. It gives a complete overview of advertising. Grow your advertisement through google analytics, including videos and audio.

Enterprise: It provides the marketing platform to make a quality connection with customers, surfaces inner depths, and drives better marketing results. It provides with more innovative, faster, gain control over investment facilities.

  • Todoist

Todoist is a popular task management tool to run complex to-do lists into something easily manageable. It has similar features to Trello for individuals but without the cards. It helps you to track your tasks and remind everything on to-do lists. You can generate and organize tasks, set and change deadlines, due dates, prioritize the critical tasks, set project goals, and keep track of progress with the app’s management and reporting features. Its key features are:

Task Management: It makes it easy to create and manage tasks. It does not depend on how long your to-do list is.

Prioritize tasks: Prioritize the task and get the most vital work done first.

Project goals: Setting the project goals and making sure you are on the right track while working together.

Reports: It keeps track of your progress reports and features with Todoist’s measurement.

Todoist comes in Free, $3/month, or $5/month subscription plan.

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