5 Features On Your Phone you should be Utilizing

Cell phones are wonderful at providing you with the communication you need when you’re on the go. However, they can also provide you with a broad range of features that go far beyond basic voice calls and texts. These are some of the other features that you may not have known your cell phone service provider could give you. You should start taking advantage of these today and in various parts of your life.

1. Navigation

You may not have known it, but your smartphone most likely has navigation capabilities. You can download an application such as Google Maps and connect it to your car via Bluetooth if your phone and car are Bluetooth capable. The navigational program will take you anywhere you need to go if you specify your destination’s address. You’ll hear a voice tell you the various turns and miles you need to take to get to your desired location. You’ll love it because it will help you shorten the time it takes to go someplace. Even if your vehicle doesn’t have Bluetooth, you can still take advantage of the navigational system from your phone. There’s usually no extra charge involved if you have an unlimited internet plan.

2. Mobile Hotspot

Mobile hotspot is another service that you may want to use. It allows you to broadcast a Wi-Fi connection from your mobile phone so that you can connect several devices up to it and use the internet connection. Mobile hotspot is an excellent service if you have questionable home internet service or you need to connect to a laptop or gaming device when you’re on the road. The cost of a mobile hotspot will depend on your smartphone provider. Some plans come with a limited amount of mobile hotspot access, and you have to pay a little extra to get more GB of access. Other plans do not provide any mobile hotspot unless you add the feature to your plan.

3. Insurance

Cell phone insurance is another feature that your provider will offer you. We recommend that you sign up for it so that you can use it if anything happens. Smartphone insurance covers you if you ever need Android or iPhone repair Houston services. Technicians can fix a cracked screen, broken button, fried board, worn port, or something else. Insurance also protects you if someone ever steals your smartphone or you lose it. You can usually add insurance to your plan right after you buy a device. You’ll pay a monthly fee for the service, and you may also have to pay a deductible if something happens to it. The deductible will only be a fraction of the cost of a new phone.

4. Video Recording

Manufacturers are starting to engineer smartphones with higher quality video cameras than ever before. People worldwide are now using smartphone video cameras to create social media videos and record important life happenings for evidence in some crucial matters. You should start taking advantage of your phone’s camera features. The majority of smartphones have high camera quality and a lot of memory to save your videos if you need to.

5. Music Player

Last but not least, don’t forget that your smartphone has a music player. Your specific phone may have an AM/FM tuner as well as several applications that you can download to play live radio stations or collections of music. You can then connect your smartphone to a headset and use it as your motivation at the gym or your housecleaning soundtrack. Furthermore, you might be able to connect your smartphone to your vehicle and play your favorite music while you’re on the road.

Get the Most Out of Your Cell Phone Today

You’ve been missing out on a lot if you’ve only been using your smartphone as a phone. You can start getting the most out of your amazing smartphone today by signing up for additional service or using what’s already available to you. Your smartphone can simplify your life and make all aspects of living much easier for you.

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