Entertainment App Development How Does It Work Tips & Monetization

Entertainment App Development – How Does It Work? Tips & Monetization

How many of us have time to watch the news on TV or even to read the newspaper? Hardly any millennial do so because of our busy schedule we are only using our mobile phones. Due to the advanced technology, we get to know about the daily news headlines & what’s happening in the world in just one click. Since, technology has made our life relaxing.

With technological advancement, the entertainment industry has also changed. We can watch our favorite tv shows, live updates, listen to music, match, etc on the go. Now almost everything comes in a mobile app. Mobile apps have transformed the entire market. Now, you can discover thousands of entertainment mobile apps. And, you can watch your favorite TV shows, movies, play games, listen to music, etc.

As per a study, the demand of the entertainment industry has risen with the popularity of mobile phones. And there are various factors from where a business can get an advantage from the entertainment mobile app.

What are the various kinds of Entertainment Mobile Apps?

There are various choices when it comes to designing an entertainment mobile app. Sharing below are some of the types of entertainment app development:

  1. TV/Film

Video streaming apps are immensely famous. For instance, netflix, amazon prime, Hulu have also become very famous. And with the help of your mobile app, you can provide various kinds of entertainment.

  1. Music apps

These apps have become popular now. Music streaming apps make it comfortable for the audience to listen to music in many different genres.

  1. Gaming apps

There are various kinds of gaming apps that are there in the mobile app stores. In case you have a quirky game idea that can capture a large audience, & you will get greater success. Moreover, the freemium character of mobile apps also creates extremely profitable. And, small transactions can maintain money pouring into your company.

  1. News/Media apps

These sorts of apps can be used to attract greater audiences. Here, your audience can easily check all sorts of news. You also have the access to expand this type to report your readers of trendy affairs.

Extreme Features of Entertainment Mobile Apps

The audience is constantly looking for options to stay attached to their preferred sort of entertainment. Many apps have designed a medium for exchanging information. However, entertainment mobile apps have added to it to a greater extent. Sharing below are some of the extreme features that you should also add while designing your entertainment mobile app:

  1. Sharing information

The expansion of entertainment mobile apps has made users exchange any sort of information and media that is useful.

  1. Keeping up with the trends

After the launch of the latest games, series, movies, music, etc, entertainment mobile apps put them on the top section or the trending section. In this way, their users get to know more about the latest trendy things.

  1. Completely New Platform

Entertainment apps are competent in creating a totally new medium for series, music, movies, games, etc. Moreover, this possibility has offered growth to various artists to display their skills and build a new fan base altogether.

  1. Branding

Promoting brands via mobile apps has become trendy now a days. Moreover, brands design a mobile app that helps in magnificient growth of the business. As per a study, people spend more than 90% of the time on their mobile apps.

  1. Content Circulation

With entertainment apps, you can easily circulate the content globally. Any creator can add their content to the entertainment apps. Moreover, they can acquire engagement from around the world. For instance, Quora.

  1. Music and Gaming

Gaming mobile apps are the most famous in the entertainment market. Now it has made it possible for real-time players to play together worldwide. And it connects multiple players globally via the Internet. Additionally, it has functions like voice call, chat, etc. This is how apps have renewed the mobile gaming app experience.

Monetization of entertainment mobile apps

The top searched mobile apps in the play store are largely entertainment apps only. As these apps are clearly helpful for user entertainment. However, it also benefits the app developers in making more money. Sharing below are some of the ways through which they can earn more money via entertainment apps:

1) Paid Downloads

Whenever any user downloads your mobile app, they have to pay an upfront amount. Therefore, the more money you set for download, the more you make from these apps downloads. However, you need to be very careful regarding the pricing of the app.

2) In-App additional Purchase

In-app purchases can be in many states. For instance, a reward, an additional activity in a wellness app, one extra chance in a mobile game, etc. The significant point to remember is that your mobile app should be serviceable without any extra purchase. And, even the user can get an enhanced user experience with the add-on.

3) In-App Subscriptions

You can also call it freemium content. Here, if a user is spending extra money, they will get an additional app experience. This offers the basic app version. And they have given the option for premium services. They also have the choice to “unlock” the rest of the features.

4) In-App Advertising

As per a study, this is the most used monetization method. The major point for this is likely because it maintains the mobile app authentic as its guarantee. And it is totally free to operate. The negative point about ads is that they can disturb the user. And also distract them if shown at an inaccurate time.


Lastly, mobile apps have proved an incredible way of communicating and collecting data with each other. If we take a glance at the scenario, then we will discover that everything has become easy and direct. Entertainment industry apps are at a boom period. Moreover, it has transformed drastically.

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