I want to build an app, what do you need from me in order to get started on the app?

You may write a paragraph about what problem you are trying to solve and how your app is going to function to achieve that. If you have rough sketches and diagrams, those will be great help as well.

Do you offer free consultation?

Yes! We offer free consulting while we go through your project requirements, define a scope, and send you a time and cost estimate.

Who will hold the copyright of the apps?

You or whoever you want to be. Tell us the copyright owner's name before uploading the app to app stores so that we will configure that in the app stores.

Can I upload the app to my own app store accounts?

Yes, you need to enroll in iOS developer Program, Android Developer program and Blackberry Vendor Program to create your own account and upload the app yourself. This will give you more control on the app and help you to learn the number of downloads etc. But if you do not want to enroll in the programs, we are happy to upload the app for you using our developer account in respective app stores.

What will be the 'Seller' name for the app in app stores?

If you enroll in developer programs and upload the app, 'Seller' name will be yours. If you don't want to enroll in the developer program and use our developer account to upload the app to app stores 'Seller' name will be 'Mobile Apps Planet'.

Do you work for deferred contract or equity?

Yes, we are open to partnerships and developing mobile apps in mutually benefiting model.

How is your pricing?

We will give you a quote after estimating the effort involved in developing the app. We request 50% payment in advance and remaining 50% after completing the app and published in app store.

Who owns the code in the end?

The code that we develop for you is yours and we do not hold any of the developed code and materials during your project. We are glad to send you those as soon as the complete payment is made.